Unforgettable Event planning | Omaha Photo Booth

Planning a party is not a small undertaking.  There are all the fundamental things to think about such as location, date, and size of party.  As if that wasn't hard enough your party should also reflect who you are.  For a wedding that could mean doing breakfast for dinner, wearing black instead of white, writing your own vows, or only inviting each other! Whatever you do- plan for fun! People who are coming to a party are hoping for a great time.  One of the best ways to do this and have them talking for years to come is add a unique element, then give them a keepsake to keep them talking.  You would be surprised how easy it is do! By simply changing basic things to match your own tastes, you'll infuse a feel of authenticity which lead to a great and memorable time.  Here are a few easy examples:

1. The menu: Most likely you'll serve some sort of food.  Instead of chicken of beef- think outside the box.  Your first date was at a popular pizza restaurant- they'll come do it for you! Maybe you had breakfast dates? Pancakes are a fun solution.  You get the point! 

2. Your dress: Your dress will surely inspire the mood of the day.  If you are a classic girl- go with that long veil.  If you've never been classic and hate white- do your own thing.  

3.  Dance? Maybe you hate to dance.  We've seen it all! Play games, rollerskate, go bowling, just do you.  If you have to dance- that's cool  We like to cut a rug too! But you can always put your own mark on the music. 

4. Decor: Incorporate pieces of you. Instead of a normal photobooth- go with one that is decor too! If you love vintage or camping- maybe a photobooth in a camper is the right ticket! It is an experience for your guests and they get a wonderful printout keepsake.  

5. Photo Booth Props- There will always be a place for for a mustache on a stick in a photobooth! But think about customizing your props to fit your story.  Did you meet at the College World Series? Baseball theme!  Are you from Nebraska but your groom is from Canada- Canadian beer and corn cob hats for the win! Did all your guests travel to Nebraska? Give them a Nebraska themed booth.  Maybe even go crazy with no props at all!