Why you should have a photo booth at your prom | Omaha Prom Photo Booth

We just got done doing a wonderful prom for a small private school and it left us so excited about the youth of today. . . they are so much more put together than we were in 1995!  The world better buckle up because the kids of today are going to do great things.  We can bring a photo booth to ANY event- but Prom is a perfect combination for a great night.  There hasn't been a generation to document their lives more than this one.  They always have a phone ready to reach that arm out and to snap a photo.  They love being in front of the camera and are even better at being silly in front if.  Most of them have even perfected the art of the most flattering selfie selfie or group photo.  They don't take an hour to "warm up" to the idea of taking photos- they were born ready.  Most of them have spent hours getting ready and a chunk of money to look their best.  They hop in when they get there and don't stop until morning. 

They love the fact the get a printed photo right on the spot.  Although they love the fact they can email and snapchat the photos- there is nothing like holding an actual printout that they put on their mirror for months to come.  It's priceless! Long over are the days of pre ordering a formal 8x10 package.  They want real smiles and real moments and the photo booth is the perfect prom answer.  Parents, teachers and the junior class put in hours of time fundraising, planning, decorating, and chaperoning prom.  They care about these kids and desperately want them to have a great time.  Let's face it though, they've done enough work and don't really want to do any more! The photo booth comes with an attendant to make sure it is stress free and fun.  We do the work on this one!  We also customize the printouts to reflect the theme and school.  It provides the perfect keepsake that will bring back memories for years to come.