Wedding Photo Booth Omaha Nebraska

Why you should have a photo booth at your wedding

Top 5 Reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

#1- It creates a fun experience for guest.

While dancing is great and we love a throw down party let’s face it- no everyone on your guest list is going to love dancing as much as us. What else can your guests do if the got all of their conversation out during cocktail hour and don’t dance? They may just call it a night.

#2- Photos help us remember great times

Taking home a photo and hanging it on the fridge let’s us relive those happy moments over and over again. The happy times will live on for many years as they think about your special day.

#3- You can’t get enough photos of your family together

Wedding photographers are busy! They have hundreds of special shots that they need to get in order to correctly document your day. A photo booth allows not only your family- but your friends too to get in lots of photos. We promise you that the photos of Grandma in the photo booth will quickly become some of your favorites.

#4- They help carry out your theme