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Vintage camper wedding photo booth

Alexa was totally bummed 2 days before her wedding. She wanted a photo booth and hadn’t booked one. Little did she know, her Mom had gotten our vintage photo booth camper as a surprise for her. She was blown away as we pulled ol’ betty through the mud to make her beautiful barn wedding everything she dreamed it would be.

They had planned a spectacular outdoor farm wedding by a beautiful farm pond. The weather in Nebraska however was very unpredictable! We went from high’s in the 90’s to weeks of straight rain. Many prayers went into it- and the day did not disappoint. We had the most beautiful day in October before the temps plummeted to an early fall snow the next day.

They had their dinner in a tent of Dante’s pizza in a tent adjacent to a stunning and picturesque barn where they danced the night away. There was also a surprise fireworks later that evening.

Sweet, sentimental and full of laughter- just the way we like to make memories!

*images photographed by Snap Omaha for marketing purposes only.

Day of Photography by: Vivian Kvam

Venue: Sparks Barn

Wedding Photo Booth Omaha Nebraska

Why you should have a photo booth at your wedding

Top 5 Reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

#1- It creates a fun experience for guest.

While dancing is great and we love a throw down party let’s face it- no everyone on your guest list is going to love dancing as much as us. What else can your guests do if the got all of their conversation out during cocktail hour and don’t dance? They may just call it a night.

#2- Photos help us remember great times

Taking home a photo and hanging it on the fridge let’s us relive those happy moments over and over again. The happy times will live on for many years as they think about your special day.

#3- You can’t get enough photos of your family together

Wedding photographers are busy! They have hundreds of special shots that they need to get in order to correctly document your day. A photo booth allows not only your family- but your friends too to get in lots of photos. We promise you that the photos of Grandma in the photo booth will quickly become some of your favorites.

#4- They help carry out your theme

Church Photo Booth | Citylight Southwest IA

Iowa Photo Booth Citylight Southwest IA

We had the privilege of being a part of the Citylight Southwest IA launch. We have done many events for Citylight in the past such as Ugly Sweater Parties, Zombie walks, and anniversary celebrations. A church launch is always extra special though!

We’ve been attending Citylight and calling it our home almost since their very beginning. Citylight Church was planted in the fall of 2012 with a small team of people devoted to prayer who had a desire to see Omaha transformed by the gospel. The very first gathering included eight people praying for the city of Omaha in a small living room. They’ve grown and planted a handful of churches and Southwest IA is their newest to launch.

Imagine a church that isn’t about a place with programs, but a people with a purpose. Imagine a church that reflects the full beauty and heart of our region. We believe Jesus is doing a new work in Southwest Iowa and we are committed to being a city on a hill and a light to our region. You should definitely check them out!

Citylight Southwest IA Photo Booth
Citylight Southwest IA photo booth Snap omaha
Citylight Southwest IA photo booth Snap omaha

Backyard Photo Booth | Omaha Camper Photo Booth

2018 Graduates are officially here! We could not of had a nicer evening or venue to celebrate Olivia's high school success.  In their backyard, her family planned a fun party for all of their friends. Her Dad smoked some amazing meat, they had a snow cone bar, and our Betty the camper photo booth rounded out a special night.  The camper booth stayed busy while all of the most important people throughout Olivia's life climbed in, laughed a lot and made some memories.  Congratulations class of 2018!

Sojern Omaha Photobooth

Sojern to the Future...

Omaha Design Center 80's Photo Booth

Omaha, Nebraska Photo booth Company

This is one of our very favorite events and we look forward to it all year.  It isn't every day you can get He-Man, Marty Mcfly and the Care Bears all in one photo. When you have Rachel Richards planning an event you know that it will be well executed, a visual treat and loads of fun.  Her company, Step Group, is outstanding at what they do and are able to provide a whole customer experience. There was a DeLorean, skateboarders, and breakdancers setting the mood for a great time.  Sojern is a global company that specializing in travel marketing.  They are  headquartered in San Francisco, with teams based in Berlin, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, New York, Omaha, Paris, Singapore, and Sydney. Being travel experts, they get that Omaha is awesome and have their global conference here.  Not only is Sojern experts at travel- they are also the best at themed costume parties.  The 80's theme was fun to prepare specialty props for and make the photo booth work for them. We were packed for a solid 5 hours of photo boothing fun.  If you want people to have the best time in a photo booth- have them in costume! We chose a white simple backdrop to make the 80's neon pop and to not clutter up their well designed custom printout.  Can't wait for next year's theme!

Camper Photo Booth Creighton | Omaha Photo Booth

There is nothing better than one of the first glorious days of spring in Omaha! After a very long winter, everyone gets excited to be out and enjoy the weather.  Combine great weather with free drinks and dinner, a lovely patio and great downtown location and you have everything you need for a wonderful party.  Creighton Alumni did just that this week as we pulled Betty into The Session Room.  People drank, played cornhole and had a blast doing the Photo Booth thing.  The stakes were high in the photo booth as they knew these photos would live on their refrigerators for years to come.  We loved it- and so did they!! We couldn't be happier that it is camping season and Betty is ready to roll into your all your parties!

Unforgettable Event planning | Omaha Photo Booth

Planning a party is not a small undertaking.  There are all the fundamental things to think about such as location, date, and size of party.  As if that wasn't hard enough your party should also reflect who you are.  For a wedding that could mean doing breakfast for dinner, wearing black instead of white, writing your own vows, or only inviting each other! Whatever you do- plan for fun! People who are coming to a party are hoping for a great time.  One of the best ways to do this and have them talking for years to come is add a unique element, then give them a keepsake to keep them talking.  You would be surprised how easy it is do! By simply changing basic things to match your own tastes, you'll infuse a feel of authenticity which lead to a great and memorable time.  Here are a few easy examples:

1. The menu: Most likely you'll serve some sort of food.  Instead of chicken of beef- think outside the box.  Your first date was at a popular pizza restaurant- they'll come do it for you! Maybe you had breakfast dates? Pancakes are a fun solution.  You get the point! 

2. Your dress: Your dress will surely inspire the mood of the day.  If you are a classic girl- go with that long veil.  If you've never been classic and hate white- do your own thing.  

3.  Dance? Maybe you hate to dance.  We've seen it all! Play games, rollerskate, go bowling, just do you.  If you have to dance- that's cool  We like to cut a rug too! But you can always put your own mark on the music. 

4. Decor: Incorporate pieces of you. Instead of a normal photobooth- go with one that is decor too! If you love vintage or camping- maybe a photobooth in a camper is the right ticket! It is an experience for your guests and they get a wonderful printout keepsake.  

5. Photo Booth Props- There will always be a place for for a mustache on a stick in a photobooth! But think about customizing your props to fit your story.  Did you meet at the College World Series? Baseball theme!  Are you from Nebraska but your groom is from Canada- Canadian beer and corn cob hats for the win! Did all your guests travel to Nebraska? Give them a Nebraska themed booth.  Maybe even go crazy with no props at all! 




Oral Surgery Communications | Corporate Photo Booth

When Omaha Oral Surgery contacted us to be a part of their continuing education cocktail hour we were excited.  They are such a creative and fun group. They had an incredible keynote speaker, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, dentist, social media expert, and father of the founder of Facebook, teaching social media skills to help grow your practice!  What an opportunity! The theme of their conference was "Back to the Future". They took this theme all the way into their photo booth which is the perfect way to best utilize a booth.  They had great themed props which allowed the guests to have a blast- who wouldn't want to be Doc and Marty?? They got to practice using social media promoting their business by uploading the photos from the booth to twitter using a custom hashtag.  Using the photo booth to draw attention to your business with social media is one of the most popular reasons corporate clients seek us out.  They also had a contest to see who uploaded the best photo with their hashtag! This was a great way to get people engaged right away in the booth! Everyone loves to win! We love corporate events and would love to help make your next one a success!

Why you should have a photo booth at your prom | Omaha Prom Photo Booth

We just got done doing a wonderful prom for a small private school and it left us so excited about the youth of today. . . they are so much more put together than we were in 1995!  The world better buckle up because the kids of today are going to do great things.  We can bring a photo booth to ANY event- but Prom is a perfect combination for a great night.  There hasn't been a generation to document their lives more than this one.  They always have a phone ready to reach that arm out and to snap a photo.  They love being in front of the camera and are even better at being silly in front if.  Most of them have even perfected the art of the most flattering selfie selfie or group photo.  They don't take an hour to "warm up" to the idea of taking photos- they were born ready.  Most of them have spent hours getting ready and a chunk of money to look their best.  They hop in when they get there and don't stop until morning. 

They love the fact the get a printed photo right on the spot.  Although they love the fact they can email and snapchat the photos- there is nothing like holding an actual printout that they put on their mirror for months to come.  It's priceless! Long over are the days of pre ordering a formal 8x10 package.  They want real smiles and real moments and the photo booth is the perfect prom answer.  Parents, teachers and the junior class put in hours of time fundraising, planning, decorating, and chaperoning prom.  They care about these kids and desperately want them to have a great time.  Let's face it though, they've done enough work and don't really want to do any more! The photo booth comes with an attendant to make sure it is stress free and fun.  We do the work on this one!  We also customize the printouts to reflect the theme and school.  It provides the perfect keepsake that will bring back memories for years to come. 

McAllisters Photo Booth | Council Bluffs Photo Booth

We had the privilege of being a part of the Community of Heroes Dinner for the new Council Bluffs McAlister's Deli.  The line was out the door as they served over 250 Heroes in our community.  Teachers, veterans, nurses and first responders were all treated to a great meal, great service and fun time! We love working with organizations that care so much about others and the people they serve.  The well trained staff was ready for a crowd and was all smiles as they jumped into the photo booth that we had setup outside for guests to enjoy while they dined.  The guests were treated with a one photo 4x6 printout on the spot with a simple logo on the bottom.  This is a great photo booth design for large events with lots of people! We are so happy to have a great new place to dine in town- thanks McAlisters for valuing the people in our community!

Bridal University 2018

Wedding Essentials Bridal Show

Omaha, Nebraska 


We're so excited to show off our Omaha photobooth at Wedding Essentials Bridal University! Getting engaged is so fun and exciting and we're thrilled to show you a few of the really fun and unique things that you can have at your wedding reception!

What we'll have there:
Well, you're in for a treat.  Not only will we have our OG of photobooths there, but we'll also have our new and super cute Camper Booth!  This will be the first time that we can showcase both of our photobooth services in one spot, and we're pretty excited to show you!

Join us on Sunday, January 7th, 2018 from 10:00am-2:00pm.  Guys, it's going to be a WARM 36 degrees in the Omaha grab your winter coat and get there!

The Mid-America Center (One Arena Way, Council Bluffs, IA, 51501) in Council Bluffs.  We know what you're thinking...Council Bluffs? Yes!  This is an awesome venue for the bridal fair!  FREE parking, LOTS of parking, minimal traffic, and really easy to get to.

How Much:
You can still purchase general admission and VIP tickets online in advance!  Day-of General Admission is $14 at the door.

What is it?
You just got engaged and you're looking for inspiration and vendors to choose from for your upcoming wedding!  You're looking for some final touches to add to your upcoming wedding.  You're treating it like Sam's Club and you're just going for the samples (who can blame you?).  Whatever you're looking for, as far as wedding planning in the Omaha area goes, you can find it at Wedding Essentials Bridal University.  The best wedding photographer in Omaha (our us about it), the best catering in Omaha, the best wedding cake in Omaha, the best photobooth in Omaha (us) bet.  They've got it all.

What else will be there, you ask?  The annual Bridal University Fashion Show will have the latest trends walking the runway.  If you're new to the wedding planning game and need some wedding gown inspiration or some formal wear inspiration, this is the place to be.  Relax with a drink and see an array of local models show you wants newest in wedding fashion trends. You'll see fashions from David's Bridal, Dream Dress Express, Ellynne Bridal, Gentleman's Choice, Men's Wearhouse, and Tip Top Tux.

Other important info:
Be sure to download the BrideScan app to your mobile device (Apple iOS Download / Android)!  This awesome technology allows wedding professionals and qualified brides to sync up easily during each bridal show you attend!  At the Wedding Essentials Bridal University each vendor will have a QR Code to scan that will give you full access to all of their contact information and special links.  So handy.  So smart.

We want to see you at Bridal University!  Already looking to book a photobooth for your Omaha wedding?  Contact us!

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An Introduction | Omaha Camper Photo Booth

We have a brand new booth here at SNAP Omaha and we had the pleasure of unveiling it for the first time at the Night of 1000 Stars that benefits the Nebraska Aids Project.  It was the third year for the STEP Group producing the event and it was a memorable event for all who attended.  The Omaha Design Center was the perfect backdrop for the theme "Under the City Lights".

Betty is our affectionately named vintage 1959 Metzendorf Camper Booth.  She is named after Janine's Grandma who acquired the nickname, "The Funny Lady".  Since this beauty beckons fun and is as unique as it comes, we are sure it will live up to the name.  The Camper is only 9 ft long and built short enough to fit into a garage.  There are very few of these in existence today.  

She's been built with all the high end features you've grown accustom to in our other photobooths and all wrapped up in vintage charm. You can fit 2-3 comfortably inside, but if feeling very adventurous she can hold about 8. Once you are done taking photos, your print will be ready and waiting outside. It is an experience your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Let us know if Betty would be a great fit for your upcoming event and we'll get her rolling!




Holiday Parties |Omaha Photo Booth

Let it be known that we LOVE the holidays and can get in some serious holiday spirit around here.  Hosting a party this season? We want to come! What better way to document those crazy egg nog nights? There is nothing better than team building with your colleagues by capturing those reindeer games.  Contact us today to make sure we'll be at your next event!


Talia and Joel | Living Room Omaha

Talia and Joel chose to have the wedding at the modern event space in North Downtown Omaha that is a part of the Mastercraft Building.  The Living Room with industrial brick walls and wood ceiling beams it lends itself to fun and unique time.  Talia and Joel's guests got just that.  The gold sequin backdrop from the photobooth glittered as a backdrop to the dance floor.  The horse head and the giant cowboy hat added the midwest feel to a hometown wedding.


living room-omaha-nebraska-wedding- snap omaha photo booth
the living room-omaha-nebraska-wedding- snap omaha photo booth

Omaha Zombie Walk | Citylight Benson

Citylight Benson is a church that LOVES their community. Zombies inlcuded! The Omaha Zombie walk happened to start right outside of their brand new art space.  Smartly, they realized that zombies would also love the art, photo booths and William Waite (who was on exhibit that night). They opened their doors and invited the zombies onto their red carpet.  Adults and children all had fun being dead in the booth.  I even witnessed someone's neck falling off, being picked up and slapped right back on.  It was a photo booth for the record books!

Citylight Benson-omaha-nebraska-zombie walk- snap omaha photo booth

Millard North Class Reunion | Photobooth at the Blatt

I LOVE a party on the rooftop of the Blatt.  It is a unique and fun venue in Omaha that overlooks the TD Ameritrade Park.  It is perfect for a small party. . . and the food and drink are fantastic!  The crew at the Step Group Inc have worked on 20 year class reunions for Millard North High School for the last 3 years.  They always plan a fun and unique event.  We especially loved the class motto, "A Little Slice of Heaven, We're the Class of '97" and using old high school things as props!