Size...It Matters!
Some photo booths take up gobs of space.  This photo booth is so sleek and can fit nearly anywhere!  It's not bulky and obnoxious.  You can also fit a TON of people in it!  No more sitting on laps inside some dreary curtains!

Professional Equipment!
This slick photo booth actually uses a DSLR camera and professional lighting which makes your photos look great!

Quick Printing!
This photo booth prints your photos on the spot!  You don't have to wait until the next day, week, or month to see your photo booth photos.  You just have to wait a few seconds!  Who doesn't love instant gratification?!  Our prints are 4x6 which are perfect for framing!

Custom Print Outs!
We can customize your print outs to fit your party or event.  We can even use your company logo...your wedding monogram...almost anything with a few weeks notice.  Not sure what you want?  Our graphic designer can whip something up for you!

Guest Ran!
Half the fun of a photo booth is being able to do it yourself!  While our photo booth is monitored by an attendant, YOU get to push the buttons.

Easy Interface!
Our photo booth is pretty self explanatory.  We don't want to be confused, and neither do you.

Social Integration!
Want everyone you know to see how awesome the party is?  Our photo booth can share to Facebook immediately if you want it to!  You can also email the photo to yourself so you can share with whomever you wish!  Also, once your event is over, we will create a Facebook gallery of all the images for you so you can get your "Tag" on.

We have several options of backdrops for you to choose from.  We're sure to have something that fits your fancy.